What Entities Offer Single-Signature Loans?

What Entities Offer Single-Signature Loans?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 US ?

Want to Compare Loans from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 US ?

These are loans in which it is not important to present a guarantee or guarantees greater than the signature of the interested party in obtaining it. Only with the signature is enough to be able to guarantee the subsequent return of the money that has been loaned, this is normally done in installments

Not all loans offered by financial institutions and banks are to a single firm, but those that do not represent such risk and that can be easily repaid with a good monthly income.

A mortgage loan or pledge if they require a guarantee since the money to be borrowed requires greater commitments.

In general, those that are a single signature are those consumer or personal credits that are used to buy appliances, make small arrangements in the home, travel, organize a party or others.

In all cases the entities will offer them to those people who have a positive payment history and who do not currently have debts.

◖◗ One of the banks that offers this type of loans to only one firm is Good Bank:

They are loans that can be taken out very easily and quickly, do not need many paperwork or papers to present and are also available to customers and non-customers of the bank.



◗ The maximum amount available is $ 750,000

◗ The maximum quota is 72

◗ They are loans in pesos

◗ With the possibility of early cancellation without extra costs

Unlike most financial institutions, Good Bank allows its loan users to buy a car with the money, since they offer loans without a pledge and only with a signature. That is, the options to invest the money acquired are varied

The requirements required to remove them are:

The requirements required to remove them are:

◖ Have a balance account of at least $ 4000

◖ Open market: for new clients it will be $ 10,000 and for Macro clients $ 8,500

◖ One of the clauses with additional advantages that Good Bank has is that the fee can be up to 50% of the income for customers with a salary account and 40% for those with Open Market.

◖ Can be purchased by users who are between 18 and 84 years old

◖◗ Another Bank that offers loans to only one firm is Best Bank Argentina

It offers three types of cash loans, to a single firm they can ask for “Nation Salaries”

◗ They are personal loans, in pesos and free use of funds

The benefits of these personal loans are:

The benefits of these personal loans are:

◗ The possibility of renewing them once 30% of the installments have been canceled (as long as the user has been regular in the payment of the corresponding fees and obligations)

◗ The fees will be deducted directly from the bank’s account

◗ It can be canceled in advance or partially without charge



◖ The minimum amount to request is $ 10,000

◖ The maximum , for clients who receive salaries in Best Bank Argentina without a “payment of assets” agreement, will be up to $ 150,000

◖ For those clients that have an agreement for the payment of salaries and both public and provincial administration, they may withdraw up to $ 500,000

◖ The repayment terms of the same will be up to 36 months for those who are part of the temporary or temporary plant, who are hired in a dependent manner or under the service provision regime. In both cases they must be at least 2 years old.

◖ 60 months will be available for those who are employees of Salary Payment Agreements, people who are part of the permanent, temporary or temporary plant, are hired in a dependency relationship or through the service placement regime and for those who have been hired. by the public administration.

◖ The effect of their income, that is, the value of the monthly payment they pay, may not be greater than 30% of the amount they receive each month. This percentage of affectation will be agreed taking into account the first installment of the loan.

◖ This loan as we mentioned above is a single signature , that is, it is not necessary to present all guarantees. Only when the executive body considers it to be completely necessary will it be possible to request a co-debtor or joint and several guarantor.

Who can get it?

◉◉ Those individuals who by the end of the contract are on time and do not exceed the expected age of the retirement scheme.

◉◉ Available for employees who are part of the permanent plant or are hired

◉◉ Persons from the temporary establishment of the Public Administration

◉◉ People with a contract and dependency relationship for making a service placement, receiving their fees in an account of the Argentine National Bank

◉◉ Those who receive their salaries through the Nation’s payment system.

They must also meet a series of requirements such as:

They must also meet a series of requirements such as:

◉ Receive the corresponding salary through an agreement with the bank to pay salaries

◉ They must expressly accept that the fee owed by the bank to pay the loan will correspond to the account where the salaries are collected

If you wish to obtain more information related to this Bank and your loans to a single firm, you can access its website and send a comment through the contact form.

If you can not get close to any of the branches we provide below:

There are many branches spread across the country, to find the nearest or most convenient according to your place of residence, we advise you to enter the bank’s website and click on “Institutional” “Branches. There you will find the complete list and corresponding telephones.

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